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Release date: 5 January, 2015.
Music written, produced, recorded and performed by Luiz Esteves

Recorded at Somewhere Studio, Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Cover: image manipulation of a photograph @ Cine Riviera, Patos de Minas, MG, Brazil, from personal archive.                                                                          

Back cover photograph: still image from a video by José Luiz Esteves.                                                                                          

Samples used on this album were produced by Luiz Esteves on the keyboard and by audio manipulation.

Tracks 1 and 13:
thunder_sound_FX-Grant_Evans-1523270250 - License: Attribution 3.0 - Recorded by Grant Evans
Space-Ship-Door-Opening-Mike Koening-1437653638 - License: Attribution 3.0 - Recorded by Mike Koenig
Downloaded from
Track 10:
a mellotron plugin was used to create the basis
Track 14:
Fire_Alarm-Battlestar-78848779 - License: Attribution 3.0 - Recorded by battlestar10
Fire_Burning-JaBa-810606813 - License: Attribution 3.0 - Recorded by JaBa - Downloaded from
Voices from old movies were provided by and are listed as public domain.

© 2015. Luiz Esteves / LLTMVCo.